Local Charlotte iPhone Repair Solutions

Fixing your iPhone screen yourself or at least finding a local Charlotte area cell phone repair shop can appear quite intimidating and time consuming. The truth is that this doesn’t have to be the case and getting a cracked iPhone LCD screen fixed has actually gotten quite a bit easier. Due to the popular nature of iPhone’s over the past few years, a quick and affordable route to the problem of an accidentally dropped and broken screen has increased in demand. Third party cell phone and laptop repair shops have expanded massively to fill this need and in most major US cities, including Charlotte you can get your iPhone 5 screen fixed in Charlotte in as little as 60 minutes.

Local Charlotte iPhone Repair – Fast & Easy

Far East component manufacturers have replicated the front display of the iPhone 5 and 6 and thus it can now be replaced much faster than Apple could ever. For example, if you walk into the Charlotte Apple Store and ask for a solution to a broken iPhone screen you’ll likely be upsold onto a newer iPhone or asked to pay upwards of $350 for a refurbished phone. The alternative though is third party repairs which can replace a cracked or smashed iPhone 6 screen for less than $150. Of course just like any other service, you’re going to need to do your own legwork on the research – you certainly do not want a random 16 year old fixing your broken iPhone, but in general an experienced technician can fix your phone pretty fast.

While iPhone screens are the most popular aspect of a cell phone to get fixed daily, other issues can also be addressed. Battery life, home and power button repairs are also very realistic and fast repairs and can help extend the lifespan of your phone. The cost difference between fixing these small nuisance issues with your phone and getting an entirely new device through your carrier is pretty wide so familiarizing yourself with your options can definitely save you tons of money.…

iPhone 6 Repair Prices: What’s Too Much?

The iPhone 6, 6+ and 6S have been the most popular devices to date and it’s for good reason. All problems since the original release of the iPhone 5 and 4 have mostly been resolved through software updates and major hardware improvements. While this is great, it hasn’t stopped the supply of third pary iPhone repair services in Tallahasseefrom expanding and offering key services for those local Apple users who are holding broken iPhone’s and are not serviced by an official warranty. Normally Apple or your cellular carrier would recommend simply upgrading if you ran into problems with an out of warranty iPhone, but for many Tallahassee residents this is the case especially with iPhone screens breaking so easily from excessive or sudden drops.

Broken iPhone 6 LCD Screens Becoming More Common

People are already dropping their brand new iPhone 6/6S devices and looking for a solution to replace the screens as fast as possible in Tallahassee and throughout Florida. While Apple does have a solid warranty in place known as the Apple Care program, if you didn’t opt for this upfront or you need a quicker solution, finding a local service in Tallahassee can be your best, and potentially most convenient option. Many PC and laptop repair shops offer same day repairs for issues like broken LCD screens, batteries, home/power buttons and almost all those little nuisance issues which may leave you frustrated and looking for a new or different model of iPhone.


How much is too much though? Just as with other services, if you aren’t familiar with the prices, you do want to make sure you’re not overpaying or getting ripped off. With third party cell phone and specifically iPhone screen repair the newer the phone, the more expensive the screens will be. This is due to the low availability of high quality OEM replacement screens and obviously local Florida shops won’t be risking it with lower quality screens since they’d be gambling with their reputation.

Our opinion here at Concept Informatique? Make sure you get the Apple Care extended warranty, since it entitles you to two entirely new iPhone’s regardless of the problem, and they can be shipped within 48 hours. Even if you end up breaking your phone a third time, this is a great deal!…

Easy PC Repair Solutions

If your desktop or laptop is running slow, looking for an upgrade or you simply want some questions answered on how to use it more effectively a local Winnipeg PC repair solution is where you need to start if you are in Manitoba. You’ll likely get frustrated trying to figure out the problem yourself, so a friendly local solution that can explain the intricacies in non-tech language can be very valuable. Also you will not be held responsible if a professional makes any mistakes whereas if you make the problem even worse yourself, your broken or problematic PC is still your problem . These are some of the most common services requested within Winnipeg and how you can go about putting them to use. Our first choice is always computerrepairwinnipeg.ca though due to their professionalism and extended warranty.

  • Dust Cleaning (Interior & Exterior)

You likely aren’t comfortable cleaning the interior of your desktop or laptop and that’s where this service comes in. Leave it to the pros and they can usually have it done the same day or even while you wait. Excessive build up of dust can inhibit the proper flow of air in your PC or desktop and cause crashes and other system malfunctions.

  • Reformat and OS Installation

If you’d like your PC wiped clean so it operates like it did the day you brought it home, then a fresh installation of Windows is just what you need. A professional PC repair technician can get the whole process of backing up your data as well as optimizing your new installation done in a fraction of the time it would take the average user, and this is a great value. With so many different options and configurations, this is almost always left to a more experienced technician so nothing goes wrong.

  • Hardware Installation / Replacement

Broken screens, power issues, unresponsive USB 2.0 ports – these are all problems that can be fixed and Winnipeg PC repair providers do it daily. Most of these nuisance replacement components can be found online, and even if you can’t do it yourself you can get an idea of the cost for components and then simply add the labor cost. You’ll be surprised to find that there is no need to get an entirely new laptop if your screen is broken for example, since this is usually pretty straight forward to replace and can be done for $100-150.



The Truth About Fixing Your Own iPhone Screen

Almost everyone we know in Lubbock has suffered from a broken iPhone screen and with the increasing reliance on your phone, the need to get it fixed ASAP is higher than ever. Apple can get it replaced within 48 hours if you have the extended Apple Care warranty (which actually entitles you to two replacement devices if you read the fine print), however there are third party options in Lubbock that have stepped up to make fixing your iPhone 5 or 6 as easy as possible.

Of course, you are wondering what is exactly ‘fixable’ and what is not economically viable. The general consensus is that almost everything can be fixed except the logic board which can cost as much as a used phone, so it is rarely done as well as severe water damage. This means battery life, home/power buttons, cracked screens and all those common annoying issues can be fixed in most scenarios.

  • Broken or smashed front display
  • Poor battery Life / Not Charging
  • Unresponsive home button
  • Audio / Speakerphone problems

Apple doesn’t fix any individual issues so finding a good local source in Lubbock for fixing your iPad and iPhoneproblems is quite a good way to save money, save time and extend the lifespan of your device. The last thing you want to do is throw out your iPhone and then realize the poor battery life or annoying power button could have been fixed for as little as $40-50.

There are kiosk style services like this all over the United States and Canada, including our own Lubbock, TX iPhone Repair Specialists and its up to you as the consumer to sort the good from the bad. Check for established businesses with extended warranties who can confidently answer questions regarding the quality of their parts and competence of their own technicians.…